Double your cashback with HP with this Back To School Cashback Promotion*

Purchase an eligible HP printer and double your cashback when you also purchase a full set (CMYK) of Original HP inks for that printer.

Redemption is simple:

  1. Purchase an eligible HP Printer + eligible full set (CMYK) of Original HP ink in one transaction (ink purchase is optional) during the promotion period and keep the receipt. Eligible ink cartridges must be the applicable set (CMYK) for the printer and can be standard, XL size or multipacks.
  2. Scan and save a copy of the receipt.
  3. Complete the online claim form and submit a receipt copy at When your claim is verified, the cashback amount will be paid directly into your account by electronic funds transfer (EFT).

Click here for a list of eligible products.

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Claims must be received online no later than 5pm 14thApril 2019.
Claims received past this time will not be eligible.
* Terms and conditions apply.


Product category Program/Promotion Program Type Promotion End
HP EOFY Money Back Promotion
HP EOFY Money Back Promotion    


Purchase new HP products to qualify for premium cashback values!

*Promotion open to participants who purchase an Eligible HP Printer from a Participating HP Reseller for use in Australia and not for resale, re-supply or export.
To receive the additional ink set reward, the participant must purchase both an Eligible HP Printer and a full set of Original Eligible HP Inks in one (1) transaction. Eligible HP Ink Cartridges must be the applicable set for the printer and can be standard or XL size or multipacks.
Eligible products must be purchased during the promotional period 9.00AM (AEST) 24th December 2018 to 5.00PM (AEST) 31st March 2019. Limit of 5 claims per Participant.
Final claims must be received by 5.00PM AEST 14thApril 2019.
Retain receipt/s & upload to claim form.