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HP Trade-In Program for Government, Health, and Education


The HP Trade-In Program allows US Federal Government, State and Local Government, Healthcare, K-12 or Higher Education customers to take advantage of market trade in values and asset disposition best practices while reducing the costs of new HP products.

Special features include:

  • DOD data scrub performed on hard drives (upon request)
  • Detailed asset management reporting
  • Process to accommodate customers who cannot accept a direct rebate

It only takes a moment to get a quote for a trade-in allowance that can assist you in purchasing new HP products, including: desktop computers, monitors, notebooks, printers, plotters, and much more.

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Federal, State, and local government entities can take advantage of the market trade-in value of used IT assets through the HP Trade-In Program.

The HP Trade-In Program addresses the unique needs of Healthcare agencies, including data security concerns by offering DOD data scrubs for hard drives.

No time or resources, but lots of old equipment to dispose of? The HP Trade-In Program helps you get the most of your aging assets with our comprehensive offering.

Property Management Regulations (FMR) 102-39 »
If you have personal property that needs to be replaced, you can exchange or sell that property and apply the exchange allowance or sales proceeds to reduce the cost of similar replacement property. This allows for agencies to reduce their need for additional funding for the acquisition of replacement personal property.

Recycling »
HP's computer hardware recycling service is a simple and environmentally sound take-back program, ensuring that your unwanted hardware is reused or recycled in a way that conserves resources.