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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the HP Trade-In program available in Canada?

Yes, the HP Trade-In Program is available to the customers in the US and Canada. All transactions are paid in US$. Select promotions are also available to Canadian customers. Please read specific promotion details for eligibility.

How can I get a free quote for my product?

From the HP Trade-In home page, follow the instructions to get your free quote.

Why is HP using Market Velocity?

HP's Partnership with Market Velocity provides a complete trade-in solution for our customers. Together we have developed a customized HP Trade-In storefront that is always available via the Internet. Market Velocity specializes in remarketing, refurbishing, and dispositioning used equipment and can provide the maximum values for customers interested in updating to new HP equipment. Market Velocity can support the wide breadth of product categories that HP offers, providing an integrated, easy to use solution for our customers.

Who can use the HP Trade-In Program?

Anyone with old HP or non-HP product(s) to trade in toward the purchase of new HP equipment can access and use the HP Trade-In Program directly at . It is also a sales tool for sales representatives and channel partners who then direct their customers to the HP Trade-In Program to execute a trade.

How do I use the HP Trade-In program?

Log on to to have easy access to trade-in values. You may either register to establish a logon ID, or skip the registration process. (Note that you will need to register in order to complete a trade on the website) A key advantage of registering is the ability to save multiple quote lists for later access. Your saved quote list will automatically be updated with the current trade-in values. Customers, HP channel partners, or HP sales representative will be able to access the HP Trade-In Program web site, enter the equipment to be traded, and receive a free quote for the value of the equipment. From that point, the user can decide whether or not to continue working through the process to ship used product back to Market Velocity. If a customer accepts the quote and chooses to trade in their used equipment, they will need to show proof of their new HP product purchase in order to receive their redemption check.

Do I have to register to use the HP Trade-In Program web site?

No, but the advantage of becoming a registered member on the web site is that you will have the ability to save multiple quote lists that will automatically be updated as the system is updated with the most current values. To save a quote, use the link on the quote list: "save this quote list." or: To access a saved quote, use the link above the quote list: "open a saved quote." The quote list you are viewing will be displayed in parentheses next to the title "Quote List" at the top of the screen. To become a registered user, select "register".

Can an HP channel partner or sales representative act on behalf of a customer?

We encourage HP channel partners and sales representatives to use the program as a sales tool to communicate additional savings to their customers. However, if the customer decides to engage in the trade-in process, it is best to direct the customer to the web site in order to conduct the transaction themselves. The relationship is between Market Velocity and the user of the program.

Can I save the information I enter to reference later?

As a registered user of the HP Trade-In Program, you have the ability to save multiple quote lists and reference or update them as needed. To save or access a saved quote, use the links on the quote list page: "open a saved quote" and "save this quote." The quote list you are viewing will be displayed in parentheses next to the title "Quote List" at the top of the page.

How are the trade-in cashback values determined?

The values stated in the HP Trade-In Program are based on their value in the used or secondary marketplace also known as Fair Market Value (FMV). Market Velocity maintains relationships with dozens of re-marketers throughout North America and also maintains a proprietary pricing database which feeds the HP Trade-In Program web site. We pass along whatever the re-marketers will pay for the used equipment to the customer. It is best to think of the trade-in value as the used wholesale value. For more explanation, please see determining values.

How is the money for the trade disbursed?

Once the product in question has been received, inspected, and approved as sellable by Market Velocity - and once the new HP product invoice and the acceptance notification e-mail have been faxed to Market Velocity - Checks will be mailed within 45 days from the time you ship your product and provide the proof of purchase for your new HP product, whichever is later. If you need assistance, please contact customer service.

What if I am a Government, Health, or Education customer or a corporate customer and can't accept a back-end rebate?

If your new purchase is through HP Direct, we have developed a process to apply the cashback amount as a credit to your HP Direct account. To request this process, please contact customer service.

If your new purchase is through a channel partner, the trade-in cashback can be sent to the channel partner facilitating the purchase and trade. The channel partner then holds the money as a credit and applies it to the next purchase as a discount. Any reseller who is interested in facilitating this trade-in process can obtain additional information under the "Trade-In for Government, Health, and Education" section contact your HP sales representative, or e-mail customer service.

Additional program details can be found at

Do I have to purchase my new product via Market Velocity?

No. Market Velocity only needs to have proof that a new HP product was purchased. The program user can purchase a new HP product through whatever channel they wish.

Do accessories qualify as "purchase" items for cashback?

No, accessories do not qualify as purchase items for cashback. Accessories are items that are optional add-ons or enhancements to notebooks, desktops, cell phones, printers, or monitors.

What are the other trade-in offers I see from HP?

Periodically, an HP product category may run a special enhanced trade-in promotion which you can learn about on the HP Trade-In program website via the featured promotions link. In general, these programs run from 60-90 days and offer a better trade-in value for a specific trade-in scenario. Be sure to read the unique terms and conditions (also called eligibility rules) that apply to the featured trade-in offers. Many times they differ from the HP Trade-In program terms and conditions.

What products will Market Velocity accept in trade?

Any amount or combination of products that have a trade-in value, either HP or non-HP, can be traded in the following product categories: desktop computer, notebook, monitor, printer, plotter, copier, digital camera, tablet, e-reader, cell phone and projector, products. Supplies or accessories do not qualify and all trade-in products must be in working condition. The featured trade-in promotions will be limited to the specific products identified within each promotion. Refer to the featured promotion's terms and conditions or eligibility rules to see if you qualify.

What if the condition of my product is different from what I represented when initiating my trade in?

To receive your redemption check, you must accurately state your current product's condition. Market Velocity will perform an inspection upon receipt of your product. If the product's condition differs materially from that which you described, Market Velocity reserves the right to re-price your transaction quote using the same condition parameters originally available to you. You agree to state product conditions accurately and to the best of your ability based on the guidelines posted on this site. Packing and shipping recommendations should be followed in order to avoid possible damage or loss. If you follow the above packing guidelines and instructions, the product should arrive in the same condition as when it left your site. If the product is damaged during shipping and there is visible damage to the packing materials (box is dented, ripped, smashed,etc.), Market Velocity will take responsibility for resolving any claims with the courier. If the packing is intact, but the product is not in the condition stated by you in the quote process, Market Velocity will contact you directly to discuss the product's condition and recalculate the quote value. If your current product(s) were received and through the inspection process, it was determined that the product condition was misrepresented by you, and there is no trade value, (also see determining values). Market Velocity reserves the right to charge you a recycling fee for the disposition of this product. If the product can be returned to you, you will be responsible for any and all associated shipping costs.

Is there a minimum amount of product that must be traded?

No. In the HP Trade-In program, any amount or combination of products that have a trade-in value, either HP or non-HP, can be traded in the following categories: desktop computer, notebook, monitor, printer, plotter, copier, digital camera, tablet, e-reader, cell phone and projector products.

Does my trade-in product have to be in the same category as what I want to purchase?

For most products in the HP Trade-In program the answer is no. With the exception of the storage and networking product categories, there is no one-for-one or technology-to-technology trade requirement. For example, a user could trade in 300 HP LaserJet printers and purchase 50 new HP e-pcs, 100 new LaserJet printers, and 50 new Deskjet printers.

What does Market Velocity do with the equipment they receive?

All equipment received by Market Velocity will be reconditioned and sold into the secondary, or used, marketplace. Exceptions to this may exist when an HP product category sponsors a featured Trade-In promotion.

Who pays for shipping?

For a limited time, fees for shipping and handling for select printers within the continental US are included as part of the HP Trade-In Program offer for all trades totaling 20 units or less. Free shipping is excluded on all PCs and PC products, plotters and copiers products.

This offer is limited to one (1) trade, per customer, in a thirty (30) day period*.

Some or all of the shipping and handling fees may be deducted from the trade-in value for customers who trade over 20 units and/or are located outside the continental US.

What if my products are in multiple locations?

On the "HP Trade-In: mailing information, shipping instructions page" there is a box that you will check if you have multiple locations. Upon checking the box, a trade-in representative will contact you via email within one business day.

When should I use the Custom trade-in process?

If you are trading in a large quantity (over 49 units), have an extended roll-out across multiple locations, or are trading in multiple product lines, the custom trade-in process is designed to accommodate these special circumstances. We will work directly with you to coordinate logistics by making shipping arrangements including multi-location pickups, sorting, packaging, and palletizing as needed. To request a quote, complete the request form, send us an e-mail, or call us at 1-866-482-2899.

What if I cannot print my shipping label or placard?

If you experience difficulty in printing your shipping label or placard, simply contact customer service and a representative will assist you.

What if I lose my HP Trade-In shipping instructions email?

Simply contact customer service and a customer service representative will assist you.

How do I ship my product?

During the trade-in process, you will be asked for the email address where you would like your shipping instructions emailed. The shipping instructions email will provide the steps for retrieving your shipping label or shipping placard. This email will be sent within one business day of completing your trade. Upon receipt of this email, you will simply click on the link embedded in the email and your prepaid, pre-addressed shipping label or shipping placard will appear. Print two copies, and attach one to the shipment of your trade-in product and retain the second copy for tracking purposes. If you are trading multiple items, a link for each item will appear in the email.

You have 30 days from the day you completed your on-line trade to return the product. The trade-in product must be shipped by the "Ship Date" noted on the label.

If you experience technical difficulty in printing these items or you lose your shipping instructions email, please contact customer service.

Are you experiencing issues with navigating through or exiting an area of the HP Trade-In program's Web site?

If you are experiencing problems navigating through or exiting an area of the HP Trade-In site, this may be related to bad/corrupt cookies on your PC. A quick and easy way to correct a bad or corrupt cookie is to delete your cookies and restart your browser session.

How do I remove data from my system?

Before you ship your product, you agree to remove all data from your current product before shipping it. You are responsible for removing all data, including without limitation, any personally identifiable information or protected healthcare information, from your current product before shipping it. By sending Market Velocity your product, you agree to release Market Velocity and HP from any claim as to the data stored in such product, or in any media or data storage device included with any product that you send to Market Velocity, and for the security, integrity, confidentiality, disclosure or use of any such data. Market Velocity and HP will not be responsible for securing, protecting, keeping secret or otherwise managing any form of data or information that is stored on or otherwise contained in any product that you send to Market Velocity (including any computer hard drive, ROM, CD-ROM, disk or other storage media of any form).

How can I request a Department of Defense data scrub for computers traded in?

Yes this is available for a $15 per drive fee. When filling out the form for "Describe your product(s)" select "Yes" from the "DOD Data Scrub ($15/drive)" drop-down box.

What is the transaction date?

The transaction date refers to when the customer has agreed to move forward with the trade-in process and is assigned a quote number. Under the HP Trade-In program it would be recognized by accepting the terms and conditions on the web pages, and selecting the "Complete Trade-In" button. Under the custom quote process, it is recognized once the customer has faxed over the signed terms and conditions.

How do I recycle my product?

You can begin the process or get a free quote at the recycle your product page.

How do I donate my product?

You can begin the process or get a free quote at the donate your product page.

What is an acceptable Proof of Purchase (POP)?

Acceptable forms of proof of purchase are a sales invoice (preferred), a packing slip (must provide your name, purchase date, purchase amount, model and serial numbers). What is NOT an acceptable form of a proof of purchase: Purchase Orders, Order Confirmations, and Order Acknowledgements.