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SKUModelCategorySupermarket VoucherProduct availabilityLast Claim
223N6AHP ENVY 6020E AIO PRINTERInkJet$100 Supermarket Voucher11/11/22 - 31/7/202331/8/2023
223R6AHP ENVY 6420eInkJet$100 Supermarket Voucher1/9/22 - 31/7/202331/8/2023
1KR53DHP OfficeJet Pro 9010InkJet$400 Supermarket Voucher16/5/22 - 31/7/202331/8/2023
22A60DHP OfficeJet Pro 9010eInkJet$400 Supermarket Voucher1/7/22 - 31/7/202331/8/2023
226Y2DHP OfficeJet Pro 9020eInkJet$500 Supermarket Voucher1/7/22 - 31/7/202331/8/2023
1TJ09AHP Smart Tank 515InkJet$200 Supermarket Voucher11/11/22 - 31/7/202331/8/2023
Y0F71AHP Smart Tank 615InkJet$100 Supermarket Voucher16/5/22 - 31/7/202331/8/2023
7MD74AHP LaserJet Pro MFP M141w PrinterLaserJet$100 Supermarket Voucher17/2/23 - 31/7/202331/8/2023
4ZB96AHP Color Laser MFP 178nw PrinterLaserJet$500 Supermarket Voucher10/3/23 - 31/7/202331/8/2023
7KW56AHP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M183fw PrinterLaserJet$500 Supermarket Voucher10/3/23 - 31/7/202331/8/2023
7KW74AHP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M283fdn PrinterLaserJet$500 Supermarket Voucher10/3/23 - 31/7/202331/8/2023
7KW75AHP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M283fdw PrinterLaserJet$500 Supermarket Voucher10/3/23 - 31/7/202331/8/2023
W1A29AHP LaserJet Pro MFP M428fdn PrinterLaserJet$500 Supermarket Voucher16/5/22 - 31/7/202331/8/2023
W1A30AHP LaserJet Pro MFP M428fdw PrinterLaserJet$500 Supermarket Voucher16/5/22 - 31/7/202331/8/2023
W1A78AHP Color LaserJet MFP M479fnw PrinterLaserJet$500 Supermarket Voucher16/5/22 - 31/7/202331/8/2023
W1A80AHP Color LaserJet MFP M479fdw PrinterLaserJet$800 Supermarket Voucher16/5/22 - 31/7/202331/8/2023
2Z628AHP LaserJet Pro MFP 4103fdn PrinterLaserJet$500 Supermarket Voucher1/9/22 - 31/7/202331/8/2023
2Z629AHP LaserJet Pro MFP 4103fdw PrinterLaserJet$500 Supermarket Voucher1/9/22 - 31/7/202331/8/2023